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The typical “New Patient” exam is known as a “Comprehensive Exam“.  This visit usually includes a general-health screening, a full set of dental xrays showing the doctor each tooth from crown to root-tip, a periodontal (gum) health exam, and any other diagnostic information that is needed so that no stone goes unturned.  This usually takes about an hour with the doctor and his assistants.

LIMITED (Emergency or Problem-Focused) CARE:

If you are not ready to commit to complete care, we can just focus on a single problem or tooth, which is termed a “Limited Exam”.  Typically 1 or 2 xrays and a short visit with the doctor is sufficient to solve whatever issue is brought.

Whether you come to us seeking a complete dental exam, or you just want us to deal with a single tooth or health-issue, our goal is to address your needs and wishes.  We achieve this by using the latest scientifically-proven diagnostic tools possible.



allow us to view your teeth on our TVs which give us a chance to discuss your condition clearly.  The state-of-the-art software lets us zoom, sharpen, contrast, and measure while you watch.






Hi-Resolution Photography

allows us to view actual pictures of your teeth on the monitors together.  This way the patient is able to SEE EXACTLY what conditions are present.

My mission is to build long-lasting patient-relationships through honest and quality dentistry.
— Jonathan B Reth DDS